LS Series Pressure Sensors

LS Series Pressure Sensors

Highly configurable products without sacrificing performance and reliability

LS Series Pressure Sensors

Pressure transducers and pressure transmitters featuring standard options for output, pressure range, accuracy, pressure ports and more

LS Series Pressure Sensors

Delivering cutting edge, configurable pressure sensors leveraged by design and application experience in aerospace and test & measurement

Our pioneering pressure sensor solutions provide the best fit for your applications by upholding high performance and reliability levels at a competitive price. The LS Series pressure transducers and pressure transmitters are part of our EVO product platform – next generation sensor solutions.

Using state-of-the-art pressure sensing technology, electronics and manufacturing methods, we provide easily configured standard selections that were previously considered custom. Quick availability brings our pressure sensors to you fast – without the wait often associated with custom sensor configurations.

Performance in Easily Configurable Pressure Sensors

Achieve spot-on accuracy with our easily configurable LS Series pressure transducers and transmitters. As the first product in the EVO product line of pressure sensors, you can now specify a configuration that best fits the needs of your application without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. Get the pressure sensor you need, fast, with a quick turnaround time direct from the factory. The most durable and environmentally robust pressure sensors on the market are also the most compact, available in a standard one-inch diameter package.

Standard Features for Pressure Sensor Technology

The LS Series pressure sensors bring features that meet or exceed traditional pressure sensors. Configurable options include output signal, pressure range, sensing accuracy, pressure ports, electrical terminations and compensated output temperature calibration range.

Standard features include:

  1. Pressure ranges from 7 to 20,000 psi (Gage, Absolute or Sealed references)
  2. “Low Level” (mV/V) and amplified (voltage or current) output
  3. Standard (± 0.2) or high (± 0.1) %FSO accuracy
  4. Hermetically sealed, laser welded, stainless steel enclosures (IP67/IP68)
  5. Enhanced shock, vibration and EMI isolation in standard 1” diameter SS housing
  6. Operating Temperature Range -65°F to +250°F
  7. Compensated Temperature Ranges include +70 to +170°F, -30 to +170°F and -65 to +250°F
  8. 19-point factory calibration traceable to NIST as a standard option
  9. Delivery of all product configurations in 4 weeks or less - contact factory for stocking options

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Industrial Pressure Sensors Designed for Harsh Environments

Pressure sensors are used throughout test & measurement, oil & gas, and industrial automation industries to name a few. Use of pressure sensors is key to driving accurate and efficient processes with more accurate data and control measurements. We apply aerospace-proven processes and quality systems so that each part performs consistently and reliably in harsh environmental conditions. Our combination of knowledgeable personnel, engineering design expertise and manufacturing capabilities enable us to ensure you have the right product for your application, leading to better results at an optimum value.

Applications varying from materials testing equipment to rocket engine performance test rigs, require reliable, continuous high-performance sensor feedback. Pressure sensors are used in these situations to measure variables, such as hydraulic, fuel and atmospheric pressures.
Whether it is hydraulic fracturing, well stimulation or hydraulic pump monitoring, the flexibility to choose the best configuration for a pressure sensor ensures more reliable results. In these demanding applications pressure transducers can be used to control hydraulic pressure, monitor for field equipment failures, as well as provide level or depth monitoring.
Challenging factory automation applications need pressure sensors that are highly accurate and reliable. Our pressure sensors allow customers to continually improve quality and productivity through accurate data and control measurements. Industrial uses include sensing system pressure, monitoring pressure variations in a line, as well as accurately measuring fluid height.

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