Stellar Technology’s Quality Systems

  • ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D

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Quality Policy

Stellar Technology Incorporated provides products and services that focus on safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to improving our competitive position by creating products and services that are valued by our customers and designing systems and operations to deliver this objective. Continuous improvement and variation reduction are part of our daily processes.

To promote a total company effort and commitment to our Quality Policy and Mission Statement, our company has adopted the philosophy of “There is always time to do the job right!” in every aspect of our business operations.

  • In Assembly/Test: We ask each employee to follow given work instructions and make use of training experience to create consistent results. In addition, we continuously recommend improvements to the assembly and testing processes.
  • In Machining: We ask our employees to follow the print requirements applying their training experience to produce consistent results and above all, recommend improvements to the machining process.
  • In Engineering: We ask each engineer to “plan their projects” and “validate & verify their project results”, “execute & document the process” and in addition, be receptive of implementing recommendations from employees for improvements to processes.
  • In Sales: We ask employees to “confirm the customer’s requirements”, “be an effective communicator” and “to listen and encourage our customer’s feedback.” Always remaining mindful of our first priority in the sales process is improving on our customer relationships.
  • In Purchasing: We ask our buyers to practice unquestionable integrity and fairness when working with our suppliers while being diligent about quality, price and delivery. We see our suppliers as key resource partners; providing innovative parts and services which translate into improved sensor solutions for our customers.