Product Manuals, Application Notes, and Installation Information

Product Manuals

  • Series PRO8100 Strain Gage Hand Held Battery Powered Display User Manual
  • IT2000 User Manual
  • CANOpen Transducer Digital Communications User Manual
  • Modbus Transducer Digital Communications User Manual
  • RS-232 Transducer Digital Communications
  • RS-485 Transducer Digital Communications
  • DISPLAY Local Display Unit Instructions
  • APD4059 DIN-RAIL Amplifier for Load Cells or Pressure Transducers
  • AP5101 DIN-RAIL Amplifier for Strain Gage Transducers
  • AP5102 DIN-RAIL Conditioner for LVDTs
  • AP5103 DIN-RAIL DC Strain Gage Conditioner
  • AP5104 DIN-RAIL AC LVDT Conditioner
  • AP5201 IN-LINE DC Strain Gage Conditioner
  • AP5202 IN-LINE DC Strain Gage Amplifier

Application Notes

  • AN-001 Diaphragm Replacement for GT100 and GT200
  • AN-002 Digital Zero Feature
  • AN-006 Assembly of Submersible External Splice Option
  • AN-007 Employing Auto Zero Function

Installation Information