Stellar Technology performs repairs on our pressure transducers, load cells, torque sensors and temperature transducers as well as like sensors from other manufacturers

Before shipping your sensors for repair, please contact our customer service department at 716-250-1900 and describe the conditions that are in need of repairs. Based on our experience, we may be able to resolve an apparent repair issue over the phone. If the product needs to be forwarded to Stellar Technology, our customer service staff member will provide an RMA(Return Material Authorization) number. We request this RMA number to be printed on the package(s) being sent to Stellar Technology for repair to improve the RMA process and the turn-around time.

Once you have the RMA number, the following information will help ensure optimum processing of your repair request:

  • Serial number and/or model number (if the returned unit is a Stellar Technology product)
  • Model number and manufacturer (if not a Stellar Technology product)
  • Circumstances associated with what caused the need for repair (note: the more we understand the application and details surrounding the need for repair, the better the knowledge we have in addressing future repairs of this kind
  • The nature of the repair required
  • Type of repair: warranty or non-warranty

Upon completion, If the unit does not meet the original design specifications, we will contact you to determine if you wish to take any of the following actions:

  • Return as is with an “as is” calibration.
  • Request Stellar Technology to determine if unit can be repaired to meet design specifications.
  • If unit can be repaired to meet design specifications. request a repair and calibration quote from Stellar Technology.
  • If unit cannot be repaired to meet design specifications, request a purchase order for replacement unit from Stellar Technology.
  • Request a findings report.