Stellar Technology’s Automotive Pressure Sensors and Temperature Sensors

At Stellar Technology, we design and manufacture a wide selection of pressure transmitters and pressure transducers, LVDT displacement sensors, temperature sensors, reaction torque transducers, force sensors, and load cells. Our automotive pressure sensors and other products are used for countless applications to provide test, measurement, and control solutions across various  industries. Some of the industries we serve include aerospaceoil and gaspower generation, and industrial automation to name a few.

Our engineering expertise, proven sensor technology, field experience, and manufacturing capabilities give customers high-reliability sensors for a broad range of applications. In Amherst, New York, our engineering and manufacturing center is designed uniquely to deliver both custom-engineered special products and standard products.

Stellar Technology strives to remain a leader in transducer technology, and it is our goal to produce high-quality solutions for each and every application, regardless of the industry. Whether you are looking for automotive pressure sensors or other application-solution products, we will provide a product that perfectly fits your application needs.

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If your business operates in the transportation industry, Stellar Technology has the automotive transducers to fit your daily application needs.

Our products are carefully crafted to be of the highest quality and maximum value to our customers. For more information about the various application-solution products we offer, contact our team today.