Custom Sensor Solutions from Stellar Technology

What We Do for Our Customers

Stellar Technology offers a comprehensive selection of pressure sensors, including pressure transducers and transmitters, that can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

If your team is facing a specific application challenge and needs custom pressure sensors, contact Stellar Technology. Our team has years of experience designing one-of-a-kind, custom sensors for specific applications.

Custom Pressure Sensors – Transmitters and Transducers

When you contact Stellar Technology for a custom pressure transmitter or transducer, our team will work directly with your engineers in order to create a custom product specifically designed to meet your unique application requirements.

  • Our custom solutions include:
    • Customizing or modifying an existing standard transducer, force sensor, load cell, LVDT, or temperature transmitter
    • A new product made from standard subassemblies and parts
    • An purpose-built or application-specific product requiring special features
    • A one-of-a-kind and one-time design
    • A first-time design that requires close interaction between the customer’s engineers and Stellar Technology’s design engineers
    • A customer proprietary sensor solution that needs NDA’s between Stellar Technology and the customer

At Stellar Technology, we take pride in providing customers with a variety of custom products, that includes custom load cells, pressure transmitters, transducers, and much more. Our business model is based on a low-volume/ high-mix strategy and the resources are made to support this.

The above definitions comprise “custom engineered special products.” Each of them needs differing degrees of manufacturing capability and engineering design expertise, which we deliver to our customers.

How Our Custom Transducers and Transmitters Help Our Customers Succeed

Stellar Technology’s ability to provide customers with load cells, custom sensors, temperature transmitters, transducers, and LVDTs allows us to meet the needs of a variety of industries.

Our high-mix/low volume strategy allows us to easily supply customers with a range of reliable and made-to-order custom products. By forging our engineering, manufacturing, sales, quality, and administrative capabilities all into one responsive and flexible enterprise, we can serve all of our customers, no matter the application or industry.

  • Sales Capabilities:
    • Experienced technical sales professionals located in your area
    • Direct link to Stellar Technology’s design engineers
    • Knowledgeable inside sales engineers
    • Complete pre-sales application review process
    • Ability to facilitate technical Lunch & Learns onsite at the customer’s location
  • Engineering Capabilities:
    • Design engineers with years of practical sensor application experience
    • Specialists in mechanical, electronic, and software design
    • Innovative design and simulation tools
    • ISO 9001 registered documentation and control
    • Ability to work directly with customer’s engineers
    • Creative solution providers
  • Service/Support Capabilities:
    • Complete recalibration and repair (including non-Stellar Technology manufacturers)
    • Ready access to regional sales offices
    • Rapid-response on-site technical field support
    • Order status and expediting
    • 24-hour web access to technical manuals
    • Direct access to Stellar Technology’s design engineers


  • Manufacturing Capabilities:
    • Full vertical integration
    • 18 CNC machines (up to 8-axis)
    • Laser and TIG welding
    • Wire and probe EDM machining
    • Ultrasonic cleaning
    • Micro assembly
    • 5 load-cell calibration systems (to 600,000 lbf)
    • Automated pressure compensation and calibration
    • High-reliability/traceability assembly and test area
    • Hydrostatic pressure testing
    • 1,000,000 inch-lbf reaction torque calibrator
    • Finished goods inventory programs (customer-specific and standard)
    • A comprehensive inventory of raw materials

Contact Our Team with Any Questions About Signal Conditioning

If you want to find out more about our signal conditioners, feel free to reach out to us. Our dedicated team will address your questions and help you determine the best units for your operations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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