How to place and order with stellar technology

To place an order for any of Stellar Technology’s pressure transducers, load cells, force sensors, torque transducers, temperature sensors, LVDT’s, or instruments, fill out the form below or call us at 716-250-1900. Please provide your name, contact information, company name, location, and the product(s) you are interested in. A sales engineer will contact you immediately upon receiving the necessary information.

Due to the numerous variables involved in selecting a pressure transducer/transmitter, load cell, torque transducer, temperature sensor, displacement transducer and related instrumentation, it is important to discuss your sensor requirements with one of our sales engineers prior to placing an order. Each of our sales engineers uses a standard transducer checklist, along with your information to assist you in selecting the optimum sensor solution.

Once you have selected the product to be purchased, one of our sales engineers will provide a formal price and delivery quotation. Upon receiving the quotation, you can liaise with the sales engineer for any questions and revisions to the quote.

When placing your purchase order, always provide the quotation number for our reference. You will receive an order acknowledgment upon a successful application