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LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology is a division of the LORD Corporation, which is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, and is a privately held company that was founded in 1924.

Our engineering and manufacturing facility located in Amherst, New York, is a modern 50,000-square-foot environmentally controlled building situated in a suburban technology park.

The sales and marketing center for our operations is located in Columbus, Ohio, and it coordinates sales activity with our regional sales offices in Houston, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio, Amherst, New York, and our domestic and international sales representatives’ offices.

LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology

The LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology business started in 1991, with a focus on the aerospace market, and we have since expanded our business into numerous market sectors including transportation, general test and measurement, subsea, alternative energy, pharmaceutical, process, and many more.

As a sensing systems business, LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology specializes in the design, manufacture, and service of pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, load cells, force sensors, torque transducers, displacement sensors, and temperature transducers.

These LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology products have been used in a number of varied industries for diverse applications, being utilized by leaders in the oil and gas, defense, and industrial automation industries, just to name a few. We’ve even had products used as components in spacecraft for NASA missions.

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Keep up with the latest product innovations within our industry, along with developments from LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology, through our informative blog posts.

Our blog features the latest updates, articles and advice to help you maximize the potential of your LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology sensors and transducers and streamline your operations. We also regularly post information about any trade shows and conferences we attend so our clients will know to look for us.

Some of our past blog posts include:

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High pressure, fatigue rated pressure transducers – series GT320We at Stellar Technology are here when you need us. We have a range of pressure transducers, load cells, and force sensors available for same-day or next-day shipping. By housing the most common sizes, accuracies and ranges, we are able to meet your needs in a short amount of time.

Check out the links below to view our standard stocked pressure and load product currently in stock.

Pressure Transducers

Load/Force Senors

Temperature Sensors

Support & Services

In addition to the wide variety of sensors, transducers and transmitters we offer, we also have the capabilities to create custom solutions to ensure that our clients receive the perfect parts to fit their individual needs.

Unlike other manufacturers, if we don’t have a product that fits your specific requirements, we have a team of engineers available to sit down with you and design a sensor for your unique application.

Reach Out to Us

To learn the particulars of the engineering and design process, be sure to contact us, or you can attend one of our informative, onsite lunch and learn sessions.

We also offer a variety of services to assist you even after the sale. These may include anything from onsite repair and calibration to installation instructions and manuals.

No matter what your sensor needs may be, know that LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology is here to help and is dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable products tailored to your application.

A Premier Manufacturer of Pressure, Load/Force/Torque, Displacement, and Temperature Sensors

LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology designs and manufactures a broad range of pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, load cells, force sensors, torque sensors, temperature transducers and displacement sensors for a myriad of practical applications in diverse industries.

Within each of these product groups, LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology offers a vast selection of stocked pressure transducers and stocked load cells as well as custom pressure transducers, custom load cells, custom temperature sensors and custom torque transducers. Whether stocked, standard or custom, LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology will provide the sensor solution you are looking for to help increase productivity and profitability.

Custom-Engineered Sensor Solutions for Your Application

Since LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology transducers are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art Amherst, New York facility, we have the engineering resources and manufacturing flexibility to customize any transducer to accommodate the ever-changing test and measurement challenges faced by today’s demanding industrial environment.

LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology offers a sizable selection of stocked pressure sensors and stocked load cells as well as modified standard and customized pressure sensors, load cells, temperature sensors and torque transducers to give you countless variations to meet whatever application challenges you encounter.

We’re highly experienced at working with varied industries to deliver worthwhile sensor solutions. These industries include the following:

Our willingness to create one-of-a-kind transducers for unique applications sets us apart from the competition, and ensures that we can solve your application challenges.

LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology strives to be the leader in transducer technology, from submersible load cells and pressure transducers performing on offshore oil rigs to pressure and temperature transducers performing critical measurements on the Mars Science Lab and the Space Shuttle. Our parts have also been utilized in spacecraft servicing the International Space Station.

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