A Full Line of Sensor Products for Diverse Applications

At LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology, we’ve had the good fortune of working with leaders in a wide range of industries throughout our company’s history.

You can find LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology products being put to work in everything from industrial robotics systems to physical therapy equipment to automobile braking systems. Our products are also operating everywhere from the depths of the ocean floor all the way to Earth’s orbit and beyond!

  • Pressure Sensors – Our comprehensive selection of pressure sensors are applicable for a wide span of industries and utilize measurement ranges from 1 to 100,000 psi. Some of the offerings in this category include high-capacity & fatigue rated sensors, hazardous certification sensors, flush diaphragm sensors and dual output sensors.
  • Temperature Sensors – The line of temperature sensors available from LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology are incredibly versatile and useful in a number of industrial measurement, test and process control applications. Our extremely durable sensors can withstand challenging conditions and have temperature ranges spanning -320° to +750° F.
  • Displacement Sensors (LVDT) – Our LVDT displacement sensors are used in gaging and monitoring of assembly processes, resistance weld stroke, oil & well drilling equipment, valve position, pavement studies and mining equipment. Some of LORD Sensing’s offerings in this category include high-resolution miniature LVDTs, long stroke LVDTs, submersible LVDTs, subsea LVDTs, and precision gaging LVDTs.
  • Load/Force/Torque Sensors – These products come in a number of varieties, which have many applications in the aerospace, automation, medical, oil & gas and automotive industries. Some of our offerings in this category include canister load cells, subminiature load cells, pancake load cells, thru hole load cells and clevis pin load cells.
  • Wireless Sensing Solutions – Use LORD Sensing-MicroStrain sensor nodes with integrated sensors for an all-in-one solution, or leverage the flexibility of multi-functional sensor inputs nodes to convert LORD MicroStrain and third-party wired sensors into dispersed wireless networks.  Choose from a wide variety of sensing and sampling parameters including time-synchronized sampling, high-speed periodic burst sampling, low duty cycle sampling, and datalogging.
  • Inertial Sensors – With most models being no wider than a quarter and less than 20 grams, our inertial sensors are suitable for many applications, including payload sensitive deployments. Our tactical-grade, harsh-environment, and OEM sensors also come in a small size and have additional packaging features.
  • Software Solutions – SensorConnect is our next generation of Desktop Sensing Software. Configure nodes, start networks, and collect and analyze data in real-time from both our Wireless and Inertial products. Using our intelligent data collection and graphing algorithms, you are able to visualize massive amounts of data instantly without any delay. Zoom in on points of interest just as fast.
  • Instrumentation and Signal Conditioners – Our line of instrumentation and signal conditioners include in-line amplifiers and readout meters with a wealth of practical applications. Available models include DIN-rail signal conditioners, strain gage handheld battery powered displays, precision digital readout instruments and in-line signal conditioners.
  • Custom Sensors – In addition to our variety of in-stock sensors, LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology is proud to be able to offer custom solutions for our customers to ensure the right part is found to accomplish a necessary task. We are able to modify existing products, produce and innovate new sensors, and incorporate special features into product designs.

At LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology, we’re dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the right high-quality parts for their diverse needs, so if you have any questions about any of our products, make sure to reach out to us.