Stellar Technology offers a full line of readout meters, in-line amplifiers and signal conditioners to complement our broad variety of pressure, load/force/torque, displacement, and temperature sensors.

If you’re in need of reliable signal conditioners for your essential operations, our diverse options can provide a solution. Read on to discover all that Stellar Technology can offer your company.

Stellar Technology provides a selection of DIN-rail mount signal conditioners and in-line signal conditioners to complement our millivolt-per-volt output load cells, force sensors, reaction torque transducers and AC/AC LVDTs.

These products provide valuable complementary solutions for those applications requiring high level analog outputs and where the sensor(s) are exposed to conditions detrimental to internal signal conditioning or the required sensor configuration will not accommodate an internal amplifier.

Together with Stellar Technology sensors and connector and cable assembly, Precision Digital readout instrumentation, these signal conditioners provide our customers with a complete measurement system solution.

Our Signal Conditioner Options

At Stellar Technology, out options for signal conditioning are wide ranging. Some of the units we provide include the following:

  • Strain Gage Handheld with Battery Powered Display – This unit is available in two separate ranges which gives the operator the ability to display and consult two different units of measurement. The annunciator lets the operator know which range has been chosen, and measurements for gross, net, peak, and valley are all simple to choose.
  • Precise Digital Readout Instrumentation – For this option of signal conditioners, we can supply three variations to our customers. One is a strain gage, load cell and mV meter; another option is our dual-line 6-digit display meter; and lastly, we have a low-cost, 4-digit display meter. You can easily view all the product specs at the link above, and be sure to contact our team if you have any questions.
  • DIN-Rail Signal Conditioners – We can supply numerous options when it comes to this form of signal conditioner. These DIN-rail mounted signal conditioners can be fixed at a point that is away from the environment that is being sensed, adding to operator convenience. These units have been designed to operate as LVDT signal conditioners, force sensor signal conditioners, and more, all in conjunction with Stellar Technology’s products.
  • In-Line Signal Conditioners – In circumstances when a transducer is exposed to high temperature, corrosiveness, or high humidity, in-line signal conditioners are the model of choice. We have several options available to our customers, and you can view full specs for each model on the link above.

If you want to know more about our signal conditioners that isn’t covered on their respective pages, be sure to reach out to us. Our dedicated team will address your questions and help you determine the best units for your operations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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