Stellar Technology’s comprehensive calibration capabilities provide calibration for all our pressure transducers, load cells, torque sensors, temperature transducers, and LVDTs at our manufacturing facility in Amherst, New York. In addition, Stellar Technology also welcomes other manufacturers for calibration opportunities.

Before shipping your sensors for calibration, please contact our customer service department at 716-250-1900. Our customer service staff member will provide you with an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number which will be requested to be printed on the package(s) being sent to Stellar Technology for calibration to improve the RMA turn- around time.

Once you have the RMA number, the following information will help ensure optimum processing of your calibration request:

  • Serial number and/or model number (if the returned unit is an Stellar Technology product)
  • Model number and manufacturer (if not an Stellar Technology product)
  • Type of calibration required: (for example: Recalibration only}
  • An “as received” calibration and an “as shipped” calibration (if a repair is done)
  • Number of calibration points
  • Tension and/or compression for load cells
  • Clockwise and/or counterclockwise for torque transducers
  • Specific type of calibration (i.e., E-74 for load cells, ANSI Z540, etc.)
  • NIST Traceability

If the unit does not meet the original design specifications upon calibration, we will contact you to determine if you wish to take any one of the following actions:

  • Return as is with the “as is” calibration
  • Request Stellar Technology to determine if unit can be repaired to meet design specifications
  • If unit can be repaired to meet design specifications, request a repair and calibration quote from Stellar Technology
  • If unit cannot be repaired to meet design specifications request a purchase order for replacement unit for Stellar Technology

Please use this weblink to specify your calibration requirements.

To see examples of standard calibration records, please click on any of the following links:


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