At Stellar Technology, we continuously work to develop and use the latest technology for our data logger pressure sensors and transducers.

In the industries we work with, data collection is vital. This is accomplished in a variety of environments with different goals in mind, which means versatility (along with reliability and accuracy) is key. Our data logger pressure sensors are essential in achieving these goals.

  Model# Description Ranges (PSI) Pressure References Accuracy %FSO* CTR (°F) Hermetic mV/V Amplified Digital
IT30XX IT30XX Battery operated pressure transmitter 5- 30,000 G, A, V, C 0.10% -30/+170 CANbus, RS-232, RS-485

Data Logger Pressure Transmitters

Take the Series IT30XX data logger pressure transmitter for example. This is a group of high-speed, digital and stainless units that come with large buffer capacities as standard on top of many other features that include:

  • The ability to be used with a wide selection of communication languages (coming complete with changing protocols)
  • A real-time, on-board clock that allows for programmable monitoring
  • Sleep states that make use of minimal power for battery operation
  • Access via PC to make data collection possible remotely

Most importantly, the Series IT30XX provides flexibility and versatility. In addition, it also offers optional features that include multiple ranges, temperature outputs and alternate materials of construction, which makes this data logger pressure transmitter capable of meeting any set of specifications. You will also notice that even its standard features already allow you to get the most out of your purchase.

Additionally, years of successful field operation in the most demanding conditions proves that our intelligent data logger pressure transducers are perfect for your applications.

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Our innovative digital electronics and communications combine with a rugged technology to ensure that our sensors are well-built, highly accurate and reliable. Like the rest of Stellar Technology’s products, our data logger pressure transmitters are accompanied by world-class technical support, on-site assistance and responsive aster-sale service.

Why do customers select Stellar Technology as their application-solution source for data logger pressure sensors? One word: capabilities.

Here at Stellar Technology, we provide sales capabilities, engineering capabilities, manufacturing capabilities and service/support capabilities. All of these are combined to create the optimal solution for our customers!

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