When there’s a risk of an explosion occurring, this is known as a hazardous location. The reasons for this can be due to the presence of flammable vapors, dust, gases and vapors at a high concentration. For an explosion to occur, three components are involved: fuel, oxygen, fuel, and a source of ignition.

  Model# Description Ranges (PSI) Pressure References Accuracy %FSO* CTR (°F) Hermetic mV/V Amplified Digital
GT2450 GT2450 ATEX and IECEx approved Intrinsically Safe pressure transmitter 5- 30,000 G 0.25% / 0.10% +30/+130 4-20 mA
GT22501 GT2250 CSA approved Intrinsically Safe pressure transmitter 15- 30,000 G 0.25% / 0.10% +30/+130 4-20 mA
GT25XX GT25XX CSA approved explosion proof pressure transmitter 5- 30,000 G 0.25% / 0.10% +30/+130 0-5 Vdc; 0-10 Vdc; 4-20 mA CANbus, RS-232, RS-485
GT32XX1 GT23XX ATEX approved flameproof pressure transmitte 500- 20,000 G 0.10% +30/+130 0-5 Vdc; 0-10 Vdc; 4-20 mA CANbus, RS-232, RS-485

Hazardous Certification

For transducers to be used safely in such locations, you will have to eliminate at least one of these three vital components. The classification and configuration of a transducer that’s approved for use in such locations is defined by the below criteria.

Nonincendive mechanism is introduced into the equation. This ensures that the component becomes unable to ignite vapor-air or flammable gas. Keep in mind that this component is not meant to contain any explosions that may occur.

An Explosion Proof apparatus makes use of an enclosed area that is able to withstand the explosion of a vapor or gas that’s housed within it. This allows it to prevent the ignition of any surrounding explosive gases or vapors that operates at a temperature that will not usually result in an ignition. At Stellar Technology, you can select from our Model GT25XX (CSA approved explosion proof) and Models GT23XX (ATEX approved flameproof).

An Intrinsically Safe sensor usually operates between 24 to 28 V. Because it is unable to release sufficient thermal or electrical energy to ignite fuel, this ensures that an explosion doesn’t take place. This is achieved through limitations on voltage, current, inductance and capacitance. Stellar Technology’s Model GT2250 has received CSA approval to be intrinsically safe and Model GT2450 has been approved by both ATEX and IECEx.

Purged System removes the presence of oxygen by removing all the air within the unit. This is typically achieved by using nitrogen to replace the existing air in the unit.

Simple Apparatus can be anything from a thermocouple, a switch, a strain gauge or resistance thermometer that does not store or generate energy.

Stellar Technology provides sensors for hazardous locations based on the specific conditions of the application. Consult the factory for details.

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