Stellar Technology offers submersible long stroke LVDTs with the LYU60X and the LYS60X.  These AC/AC displacement transducers are designed specifically for applications in which the sensor is submerged in fresh water or most other non-corrosive liquids and gases for prolonged periods. These displacement transducers are ruggedly constructed of all stainless-steel and are able to withstand harsh underwater environments as found in mining, upstream oilfield, geophysical, and industrial processes.

Model LYU60X features an unguided armature with a stroke range from ±0.5” to ±8”; while the LYS60X has an internal spring return and a ±0.5” to ±3” stroke range. Both units deliver ±0.5% linearity and are built to withstand pressures from 145 psi to 3000 psi. Linearities of ±0.1 and ±0.25% are available options on many units.

The LYS60X and LYU60X require separate signal conditioning, and provide optimum performance when powered with between 0.5V and 7V and from 2KHz to 10KHz, sinusoidal. All units are shipped with traceable calibration certificates.