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New AC-Powered Long Stroke LVDT

The new Series LLS60X from Stellar Technology is a high performance long stroke LVDT displacement transducer with a spring return armature. The armature is restrained and guided by an ultra-low friction bearing assembly and the internal spring automatically positions the armature to its full extension. This design is used where it is not possible to connect the transducer armature to the moving part being measured.

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New High Accuracy Gauging LVDT

The Model LPS60X AC/AC LVDTis designed for precision displacement and position measurement for quality assurance applications in industrial environments. These high accuracy displacement sensors are constructed of stainless steel and utilize a ball probe to smoothly interface with the target. The spring guided armature is supported with precision linear ball bearings to ensure excellent repeatability, high life cycle, and stable overall performance.

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Precision Short Stroke LVDT

Stellar Technology offers the Series LSU61X short stroke precision LVDT, ideally suited for applications where dynamic measurement is needed but space is limited. This DC/DC displacement sensor operates from unregulated power supplies of +24 Vdc to +40 Vdc or dual ±12 Vdc to ±20 Vdc. Model LSU61X utilizes an internal amplifier to generate a ±5 Vdc output signal and the internal electronics include a filter circuit. The armature covers a stroke from ±0.10 to ±0.40 inches and is loose-fit (unguided) in the bore of the LVDT. Precise alignment along the bore produces a frictionless movement and long sensor life.

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New Subsea LVDT Series is Submersible to 7,500 ft.

The Series LWU is a family of submersible LVDT displacement transducers available in either DC or AC versions. These units are specifically designed for use in sea water and other submersible environments, including many corrosive liquids. The LWU Series features unguided armatures with stroke lengths from 0.5” to 4” and linearity of +/- 1%. Operating temperature is from -40 to 140 deg.F.

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Submersible Long Stroke AC-AC LVDTs

Stellar Technology offers submersible long stroke LVDTs with the LYU60X and the LYS60X.  These AC/AC displacement transducers are designed specifically for applications in which the sensor is submerged in fresh water or most other noncorrosive liquids and gases for prolonged periods. These displacement transducers are ruggedly constructed of all stainless steel and are able to withstand harsh underwater environments as found in mining, upstream oilfield, geophysical, and industrial processes.

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