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Series AP50XX In-Line Amplifier from Stellar Technology

The Stellar Technology Series AP50XX in-line signal conditioner offers many options for those customers requiring high level output where application temperatures or physical size constraints do not allow having signal conditioning at the point of measurement. The AP50XX can be placed in-line anywhere between the transducer and the data acquisition system.

The AP50XX is available in two diameter configurations, making it easy to incorporate into a variety of applications. The Series AP50XX is all-welded and constructed of stainless steel, and is available with a variety of analog and digital outputs. Standard analog outputs are 4-20 mAcurrent loop, 0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc, and 1-5 Vdc.

Isolated voltage outputs are standard for all voltage outputs. Standard digital outputs are RS232, RS485, and CANbus. Series AP50XX options include zero/span adjustment, customer-specified electrical terminations, EMI/RFI filtering, surge protection, hermetic construction, assorted mating connector/cable assemblies, mounting brackets, and intrinsic safety (for 4-20mAcurrent loop).

New DIN-Rail Amplifier for use with LVDTs

The new Series AP5104 is a convenient DIN-rail Amplifier for use with 4-, 5-, or 6-wire LVDT’s (linear variable differential transformer). The AP5104 provides regulated AC excitation with remote sensing capability for cable runs exceeding 20 feet. The AP5104 produces filtered analog outputs of ±0-5Vdc, ±0-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA, 4-12-20 mAwhich are field-selectable via the front panel.

These outputs are filtered using a low-pass active filter that removes unwanted high-frequency measurement-signal components and thus eliminates aliasing errors. Signal inputs from 16 to 1600 mV/V are accepted.

The DIN mount housing is constructed of high-impact thermoplastic and permits easy access to screw terminal connections for power, analog output, shunt, and sensor signals. All controls are external including 25-turn trim pots for Zero and span, as well as coarse gain and zero, zero input switch, jumper links for master/slave setting, and excitation frequency setting. The manual or automatic phase shift adjustment feature synchronizes primary and secondary phase shifts caused by winding inductance or cabling. The AP5104 is easy-to-use, with a power status indicator light and analog over-range indicator light.

New DIN-Rail Amplifier for use with DC Strain Gage Transducers

The new Model AP5101 is a DIN-rail mounted single channel Amplifier which provides variable excitation and signal conditioning for standard DC-excited strain gage transducers, including those for pressure, force, torque, and load. The AP5101 provides up to 10V output or 4-20 output with transducer signals from 10mV to 10V, and incorporates a DC-DC converter to insure that the output is electrically isolated from the supply. The unit accepts both uni-polar and bi-polar input signals and can produce corresponding uni-polar or bi-polar voltage outputs.

The AP5101 is compatible with standard DIN-Rail mounting systems and is constructed of high-impact thermoplastic. The design permits convenient access to screw-clamp terminal connections for power, analog output, shunt, and sensor signals. Zero and span adjustments are located on the front panel and feature 25-turn trim pots. All other controls are internal including coarse gain and zero, zero input switch, jumper links for master/slave setting, and excitation frequency setting. All internal settings are easily accessible by disengaging the front panel and board assembly from the housing. The AP5101 is easy-to-use, with a power status indicator light and over-range indicator light.

In-Line Amplifier for DC Strain Gage Transducers

The new Series AP5201 In-Line Amplifier from Stellar Technology is a low cost, easy-to-use, general purpose signal conditioner. This single- channel unit is ideal for DC-excited strain gage pressure transducers, load cells, and torque transducers.

AP5201 features an advanced analog design which solves the problem of measurement inaccuracy caused by high electromechanical noise. The AP5201 provides filtered analog output of ±5Vdc, ±10Vdc, or 4-20 mA, which is field-selectable by the user. Zero and span adjustments are made through coarse rotary switches and potentiometers. This in-line amplifier will accommodate a wide range of full-bridge DC strain gage sensors with bridge resistance for 120 to 10K Ohm.

The AP5201 signal conditioner can be placed in-line and away from high temperature, high humidity, or corrosive environments that the transducer itself may be exposed to, thus protecting the electronics from severe conditions and ensuring reliable performance. The AP5201 in-line amp is also useful when mated to miniature and subminiature load cells or pressure transducers which are too small to accommodate internal electronics. The AP5201 signal conditioner is housed in a rugged ABS flame-retardant case, or is available in a DIN- rail configuration as the Series AP5103.