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The Reliable Aerospace Pressure Transducers You Need

Stellar Technology aerospace pressure transducers are reliable and rugged pressure sensors with high-level analog and/or digital outputs.

These transducers serve a variety of functions, such as:

  • Dynamic and static pressure measurements requiring a high-frequency response, meeting the environmental demands of orbital space flight
  • Rocket engine testing & jet engine testing

The variety of aerospace pressure sensors from Stellar Technology includes:

  • Replaceable diaphragm pressure transducers and transmitters
  • Space-rated pressure transducers and transmitters
  • Cleanable pressure cavity pressure transducers

These compact aerospace pressure sensors combine rugged construction with a unique isolation diaphragm designed to provide highly accurate dynamic and static pressure measurements.

Custom-Designed Aerospace Pressure Transducers

Our engineers continue to innovate in response to the ever-evolving demands of the aerospace industry. That means customers can customize a variety of features in our transducers, including:

  • Psi ranges
  • Pressure references
  • Accuracy
  • CTR
  • Numerous voltage outputs
  • Digital outputs (RS232, RS485, CANbus)

No matter the application, Stellar Technology has the capability to design and engineer custom transducers, which truly sets us apart from the competition and ensures that we can solve your company’s unique challenges.

What Can Stellar Technology Bring to Your Company?

From unparalleled sales team experience to in-house manufacturing that guarantees maximum quality and efficiency, Stellar Technology brings high-quality services to its clients every step of the way.

And in addition to our innovative manufacturing capabilities, we also lend our experience and knowledge to customers through lasting on-site support and consulting.

Trust Stellar Technology to design and manufacture the ideal pressure transducer for your aerospace applications – be sure to contact us today.

Sensors for All Types of Oil & Gas Applications

Stellar Technology designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of solutions for the constantly evolving oil and gas industries.

For exploration, completion and production applications, our pressure transducers are used on mud pumps, the standpipe, and numerous well-control systems.

Our hammer union pressure transmitters are designed, manufactured and field-tested to meet the new rigors of shale gas and shale oil well drilling and well servicing.

At the wellhead, Stellar Technology’s intrinsically safe pressure transmitters are used for choke and kill monitoring.

Downstream from the wellhead, our pressure transducers are used for gas custody transfer applications. Low power consumption pressure transmitters are used for solar-powered and battery-powered applications in remote areas.

Stellar Technology’s high-pressure miniature pressure transducers are used in many MWD and LWD downhole tool applications.

Other oil and gas processes where you will find our products include:

  • Stimulation Processes
  • Fracking (Fractionation)
  • Cementing
  • Measurement While Drilling/Directional While Drilling
  • Acidizing
  • Coil Tubing
  • Drilling Processes
  • Horizontal Drilling
  • Wellbore Sensors
  • Subsea Differential Transducers
  • Subsea Load Cells
  • Downhole Load Cells
  • Hammer Union Pressure Transmitters
  • Nitrogen Pumping
  • Steam Injection
  • Coil Tubing Load Cells
  • Coil Tubing Load Pins
  • Blender Discharge Transmitters

The Stellar Technology line of oil and gas sensors

Stellar Technology’s range of pressure transducers and transmitters for the oil and gas industry deliver a variety of psi ranges, pressure references, etc. in both digital and analog settings.

Custom-Designed Sensors

Our sensors can be utilized, modified and customized to meet your specific application. Stellar Technology engineers will design custom sensor configurations that match the most demanding applications in the oil and gas industries. Our engineers communicate directly with your team to confirm each specification of the custom sensor.

Our intrinsically safe transducers and explosion-proof transducers also meet agency standards (ATEX, CSA, BOEM, BSEE).

To learn more about our oil and gas sensors and what they can do for your company, be sure to contact Stellar Technology today.

Sensors for Automotive & Transportation Applications

Stellar Technology’s complete selection of pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, load cells and temperature sensors provide test, measurement, and control solutions across a broad range of automobile, truck, off-road, locomotive, marine, military, recreational, and material handling applications.

Applications for these transportation/automotive sensors include:

  • Automotive test stands
  • Drive train testing
  • Production process control
  • Assembly line testing
  • Braking systems
  • LNG fuel systems
  • Chassis testing
  • Cooling systems
  • Component testing
  • Fuel systems
  • Metering and dispensing systems
  • And many R&D programs

Custom-Designed Transportation Sensors

Stellar Technology engineers custom sensor solutions for numerous automotive and transportation applications, such as:

  • Engine testing
  • Vehicle testing
  • Power train testing
  • Components testing
  • Production process testing

Our willingness to create one-of-a-kind transducers for unique applications sets us apart from the competition, and ensures that we can solve your application challenges.

Our team brings capabilities to each stage of the process:

Sales Team Experience: Our sales professionals are engineers and product experts.

Engineering Expertise: Our engineers bring innovation and experience to each product.

In-House, State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: We manufacture in our own facility to deliver maximum quality and efficiency.

On-Site Support Availability: We have representatives available for on-site service and consulting.

Our engineering and manufacturing center in Amherst, New York, is uniquely designed to deliver both standard products and custom-engineered special products.

Trust Stellar Technology to design the sensor for your automotive or transportation application. Contact us today to learn more.

Sensors for the Subsea Oil and Gas Industry

Stellar Technology sensors deliver accuracy and longevity in the extreme environments of subsea exploration and production. We produce rugged, reliable sensors that support many processes in the industry.

We have delivered sensor products for many subsea applications and we have select subsea sensor products in stock.

Our intrinsically safe transducers and explosion-proof transducers meet agency standards (ATEX, CSA, BOEM, BSEE), and all Stellar Technology products can be modified to fit your unique application.

Applications of our subsea oil and gas sensors include:

  • Increased oil recovery systems
  • Subsea separation and re-injection systems
  • Instrumented safety systems
  • AUV/ROV position, pressure, force, and torque measurements
  • HP/HT tree and wellhead monitoring and control
  • Underbalance drilling measurement and controls
  • MWD and LWD pressure measurements
  • Well intervention and well stimulation systems
  • Nitrogen generation skids
  • Marine loading systems
  • Pipeline asset integrity monitoring and control
  • Oceanographic mapping and towing arrays
  • Subsea manifolds and tie-ins
  • Subsea separation, boosting, and processing systems
  • Tension link force monitoring
  • Hazardous environment measurements
  • Kill and choke manifold monitoring
  • Subsea fluid control systems

The Leader in Subsea Sensors

Stellar Technology designs and manufactures products with the reliability and longevity needed in subsea applications, and our willingness to produce one-of-a-kind sensors for unique applications differentiates us from other sensor manufacturers.

Our innovative engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and on-site technical support after the sale deliver solutions at all stages.

To learn more about our subsea sensors, and what they can do for your company, be sure to contact Stellar Technology today.