Stellar Technology offers the Series LSU61X short stroke precision LVDT, ideally suited for applications where dynamic measurement is needed but space is limited. This DC/DC displacement sensor operates from unregulated power supplies of +24 Vdc to +40 Vdc or dual ±12 Vdc to ±20 Vdc. Model LSU61X utilizes an internal amplifier to generate a ±5 Vdc output signal and the internal electronics include a filter circuit. The armature covers a stroke from ±0.10 to ±0.40 inches and is loose-fit (unguided) in the bore of the LVDT. Precise alignment along the bore produces a frictionless movement and long sensor life.

±0.5% linearity is standard. Linearities of ±0.25% or ±0.1% are available as options. Both the body and probe are constructed from stainless steel. These units are shipped with traceable calibration certificates.