The Series CNR960 and CNR96XX are high capacity and high accuracy tension/compression load cells specifically designed to resist the effects of extraneous bending and off-axis loading. Ideal for test and measurement applications requiring long fatigue life, this particularly robust canister design is rated in excess of 100 million fully reversed cycles at full scale.

Both units cover ranges from 25,000 to 2,000,000 lbf. The CNR960 provides a 2mV/V full scale output (nom) and the amplified CNR96XX provides analog or digital output including RS-232, RS485, MODbus, and CANbus. Standard operating temperature is from -65°to +250°F, compensated from 70°to 170°F. Static accuracy specs include ±0.2% linearity, ±0.2% hysteresis, and repeatability of ±0.05% (FSO).

The uniquely engineered Series CNR960 and Series CNR96XX tension/compression style load cells are designed specifically for high capacity and high accuracy, and feature minimum deflection which results in fast frequency response. They are constructed of electroless nickel plated carbon steel for durability, and have a static overload of 150% of nominal capacity. These load cells are also shock and vibration resistant.

Standard electrical termination is MS-3102-14S-6P, with a variety of optional features including dual bridge configurations, metric threads, alternate electrical terminations, and expanded temperature compensations. Each unit is shipped with an 11 point calibration record traceable to NIST as standard.