The new Model AP5101 is a DIN-rail mounted single channel Amplifier which provides variable excitation and signal conditioning for standard DC-excited strain guage transducers, including those for pressure, force, torque, and load. The AP5101 provides up to 10V output or 4-20 output with transducer signals from 10mV to 10V, and incorporates a DC-DC converter to insure that the output is electrically isolated from the supply. The unit accepts both uni-polar and bi-polar input signals and can produce corresponding uni-polar or bi-polar voltage outputs.

The AP5101 is compatible with standard DIN-Rail mounting systems and is constructed of high-impact thermoplastic. The design permits convenient access to screw-clamp terminal connections for power, analog output, shunt, and sensor signals. Zero and span adjustments are located on the front panel and feature 25-turn trim pots. All other controls are internal including coarse gain and zero, zero input switch, jumper links for master/slave setting, and excitation frequency setting. All internal settings are easily accessible by disengaging the front panel and board assembly from the housing. The AP5101 is easy-to-use, with a power status indicator light and over-range indicator light.