The new Series AP5201 In-Line Amplifier from Stellar Technology is a low cost, easy-to-use, general purpose signal conditioner. This single- channel unit is ideal for DC-excited strain gauge pressure transducers, load cells, and torque transducers.

AP5201 features an advanced analog design which solves the problem of measurement inaccuracy caused by high electromechanical noise. The AP5201 provides filtered analog output of ±5Vdc, ±10Vdc, or 4-20 mA, which is field-selectable by the user. Zero and span adjustments are made through coarse rotary switches and potentiometers. This in-line amplifier will accommodate a wide range of full-bridge DC strain gage sensors with bridge resistance for 120 to 10K Ohm.

The AP5201 signal conditioner can be placed in-line and away from high temperature, high humidity, or corrosive environments that the transducer itself may be exposed to, thus protecting the electronics from severe conditions and ensuring reliable performance. The AP5201 in-line amp is also useful when mated to miniature and subminiature load cells or pressure transducers which are too small to accommodate internal electronics. The AP5201 signal conditioner is housed in a rugged ABS flame-retardant case, or is available in a DIN- rail configuration as the Series AP5103.