Stellar Technology’s Series GT320 and GT32XX pressure transducers incorporate a proprietary sensor design with innovative electronics to provide a new high pressure/fatigue rated pressure transducer with a standard accuracy of 0.25% and upgraded accuracy of 0.1%. With pressure ranges from 20,000 psi to 100,000 psi, the Series GT320 and GT32XX transducers are ideal for high-cycle applications as well as ultra-high pressure applications. The GT320 offers mV/V output and the GT32XX series provides high level current or voltage outputs as well as digital outputs including CANbus, RS232 and RS485.

Both products have been designed to accommodate customer-specified process connections for high-pressure and electrical terminations. These products feature all-welded stainless steel construction, are shock and vibration protected, and have a zero adjustment pot as a standard feature. Stellar Technology provides isolated voltage output for the Series GT3200.

Stellar Technology’s Series GT320 and Series GT32XX are excellent sensor solutions for homogenizing, fuel injection testing, water jet cutting, hot/cold isostatic powder press, and metal injection molding applications.