As the name suggests, this particular line of Stellar Technology displacement transducers is designed for submersible applications that require measurements to be made in fresh water and most non-corrosive liquids and gases.

  Model# Stroke Range (± inches) Power/Output Type Armature Types Accuracy* (% of F.S.) Output**
LZU60X LZU60X ± 0.04" to ± 0.5" AC/AC Free Unguided 0.5 mV/V
LZS60X LZS60X ± 0.04" to ± 0.5" AC/AC Spring Return 0.5 mV/V
LYU65X LYU65X ± 0.5" to ± 8.0" DC/DC Free Unguided 0.5 4-20 mA
LYU61X LYU61X ± 0.1" to ± 8.0" DC/DC Free Unguided 0.5 ±5Vdc or 0-10Vdc
LYU60X LYU60X ± 0.5" to ± 8.0" AC/AC Free Unguided 0.5 V/V
LYS65X LYS65X ± 0.5" to ± 3.0" DC/DC Spring Return 0.5 4-20 mA
LYS61X LYS61X ± 0.1" to ± 3.0" DC/DC Spring Return 0.5 ±5Vdc or 0-10Vdc
LYS60X LYS60X ± 0.5" to ± 3.0" AC/AC Spring Return 0.5 V/V
LYC65X LYC65X ± 0.5" to ± 18.5" DC/DC Captive Guide 0.5 4-20 mA
LYC61X LYC61X ± 0.5" to ± 18.5" DC/DC Captive Guide 0.5 ±5Vdc or 0-10Vdc
LYC60X LYC60X ± 0.5" to ± 18.5" AC/AC Captive Guide 0.5 V/V

Submersible LVDT

With so many variations of our submersible LVDT sensors, we are sure to have one that fits your exact specifications.
Some of the features in this line of displacement transducers include:

  • Fluids that are non-magnetic can be allowed to flood the armature tube without affecting the operation of the transducer
  • A broad ranges of pressure ratings
  • A stainless steel construction, which allows them to withstand harsh underwater environments, such as mining and upstream oilfields, along with geophysical and industrial processes
  • Unguided and spring armatures
  • Axial or radial cable exits

A variety of optional features, such as improved linearity, cable and connector offerings, mounting blocks and much more

Each series of submersible displacement transducers comes equipped with a broad range of functions. Some are designed to be placed in liquids and gases for prolonged periods of time. Others are known for their compact size and ability to function in very limited space. Whatever your need, Stellar Technology has the LVDT submersible sensors for you.

Learn More about Our Submersible LVDT Displacement Transducers
With Stellar Technology’s combined engineering expertise, proven technology, field experience, technical support and unique manufacturing capabilities, we are the ideal LVDT supplier for applications across a wide range of industries. Contact us today to learn more about how our LVDT submersible sensors can meet your needs.

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