Beam load cells from Stellar Technology serve a wide variety of purposes and can be used by a number of different industries. Each type has a unique set of characteristics and specific functions. Our beam load cells are highly accurate force sensors, making them ideal for tension and compression applications.

  Model# Description Ranges (lbf) Tension and/or Compression Accuracy (BFSL) Material Of Construction mV/V Analog OutpuT Digital Outpu
BEM980 BEM980 Low Profile 500 - 5K T/C 0.10% FSO Stainless Steel 2mV/V 4-20 mA; 0-5 Vdc; 0-10 Vdc (Integral CANbus, RS-232, RS-485 (In-line)

Beam Type Load Cells

Constructed of stainless steel, and rigorously tested for shock and vibration resistance, beam load cells from Stellar Technology deliver reliable performance even in the most demanding applications. The beam type load cells that we offer include:

Series BEM980 – Low Profile Beam Load Cell

The Series BEM980 is an ultra-low-profile, stainless steel beam load cell. It is ideal for force measurement applications where space limitations require an especially low-profile force sensor. These types of applications include factory automation, robotics, structural analysis, and more.

Additional features of the BEM980 include:

  • 0.10% accuracy
  • 2 mV/V
  • -40°F to 250°F standard temperature
  • 5-point calibration record traceable to NIST
  • Tension and compression

Optional features of the BEM980 include multiple bridges, special full-scale ranges and calibration, customer-specified cable lengths, and much more. Additionally, these beam type load cells are often used in combination with our LVDT’s for force versus displacement measurements.

Stellar Technology’s Line of Load Cells

In addition to beam load cells, we also offer the following high-quality and durable load cells:

About Stellar Technology

Stellar Technology is a leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions for a variety of application. Since 1991, we have provided reliable products and helpful service to customers from a variety of industries. Some of the many industries we serve are as follows:

  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas
  • Automotive
  • Power generation
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Test and measurement
  • Process
  • Defense

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Like all of Stellar Technology’s load cells, our high-performance beam load cells are utilized in a wide variety of applications across many industries. With unmatched reliability and durability under the harshest of conditions, our load cells continue to be the preferred choice of companies around the world.

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