Our pressure and temperature non-amplified transducers are small, accurate and perfect for measuring both dynamic and static pressure-temperatures. They also act as a great cost-reducing measure for clients due to their versatility.

  Model# Description Ranges(°F)g References Accuracy CTR
T280 T280 Temperature Output -320/ +750
PT170 PT170 Dual Press./Temp. transducer 50- 20,000 G, A, V, C 0.25% -65/+250

Non-amplified Temperature Sensor

The Series PT170 is available in absolute, sealed gauge, or true gauge zero-pressure reference and either an RTD or thermocouple for temperature measurement.

Other features of this non-amplified temperature sensor include the following:

  • Long-term stability
  • Low sensitivity to shock and vibration
  • Wide compensated temperature range
  • An excellent response to transient pressures
  • Infinite resolution and more

The unit is also welded entirely of stainless steel, allowing it to withstand most rigorous applications. With ranges up to 15,000 psi, probes from 3/8” to 4”, without a need for a thermowell and the ability to operate with fluids or gases, the Series PT170 is perfect for use across different industries.

To fit even more specific client requirements, Stellar Technology offers a number of optional features in its temperature sensors, from probes up to 24” and alternative pressure ports to remote electronics for higher temperature applications, alternative electrical terminations, alternative materials of construction and more.

Learn More about Our Non-Amplified Temperature Sensors

Stellar Technology’s line of precision temperature sensors fulfills a variety of industrial tests, measurement and process control applications all over the world. With the added ability to customize, our products can meet varying needs. There isn’t a demanding condition our temperature sensors can’t handle. To learn more about our manufacturing capabilities and the one-of-a-kind application-specific products we can make, be sure to contact Stellar Technology today.

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