When it comes to our line of subsea LVDT sensors, ruggedness is the key. These units are specifically designed for use in sea water and other incredibly demanding environments, including a variety of corrosive liquids.

  Model# Stroke Range (± inches) Power/Output Type Armature Types Accuracy* (% of F.S.) Output**
LWU65X LWU65X ± 0.5" to ± 4.0" DC/DC Free Unguided 0.5 4-20 mA
LWU61X LWU61X ± 0.5" to ± 4.0" DC/DC Free Unguided ±5Vdc or 0-10Vdc
LWU60X LWU60X ± 0.5" to ± 4.0" AC/AC Free Unguided 0.5 V/V

Subsea LVDT

Our transducers are constructed out of heavy-duty materials (in this case, it’s welded 316 stainless steel with a thru-bore). This makes them suitable for the most rigorous applications in the world, with ten years of functionality being submersed in seawater depths up to 7,500 feet (2,300 meters).

Stellar Technology currently produces three variations in our submersible LVDT series: the LWU60X, LWU61X, and the LWU65X. Each one has its own unique features (such as AC or DC power), though they are all equipped with some standard characteristics such as the following:

  • Stroke ranges from ±0.5 inches to ±4 inches
  • Unguided armature
  • ±1% linearity
  • High cycle life
  • A traceable calibration certificate
  • Optional customer-specified subsea connectors, cable lengths and more

With an armature that is loosely fit into the bore of the LVDT and attached to the moving point by a male thread, non-magnetic fluids are able to enter the armature tube without affecting the operation on the transducer. More so, this design helps overcome the problems of marine growth, making these LVDT sensors suitable for all submersible applications.

Learn More about Our Subsea LVDT Displacement Transducers

With a durable construction and proven field experience, Stellar Technology’s line of subsea LVDT sensors offer a reliable performance under the most demanding of applications. To learn more about our subsea units, along with our leading technical support and on-site assistance, be sure to contact Stellar Technology today.

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