At Stellar Technology, we work with a wide range of industries, which means our products must be capable of adapting to virtually any kind of environment. Our LVDT sensors are certainly no different, as they are used in gauging and monitoring applications all over the world, including assembly processes, valve positions, resistance weld strokes, oil and well drilling equipment, mining equipment, pavement studies and more.

  Model# Stroke Range (± inches) Power/Output Type Armature Types Accuracy* (% of F.S.) Output**
LMU60X LMU60X ± 0.025" to ± 0.5" AC/AC Free Unguided 0.5 mV/V
LMS60X LMS60X ± 0.01" to ± 0.5" AC/AC Spring Return mV/V

Miniature LVDT

Each LVDT displacement transducer is equipped with functions that meet specific, demanding needs. In the case of our miniature sensors, they are perfect for applications with limited space and are capable of withstanding the high ambient temperature and vibration of many industrial environments.

Series LMU60X – AC/AC, Unguided Armature

The armature of these particular stainless steel transducers is loosely fit into the bore of the LVDT and is attached to the moving part by a male thread. A precise alignment along the bore produces a frictionless movement, making it ideal for mechanical vibration measurements.

Other features include:

  • Stroke ranges from ±0.025 inches to ±0.5 inches
  • ±0.5% linearity
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Axial and radial cable exit

Optional improved linearity, expanded operating temperature range, radiation resistance to 100 M rads, mounting blocks and more

Series LMS60X – AC/AC, Spring Armature

This compact LVDT differs from the Series LMU60X as it comes equipped with an internal spring return armature that fully extends its length. With low-friction, non-rotating, ball-ended probes designed to withstand side loads, this is a displacement transducer that is ideal for many industrial applications. Additionally, the body and probe are made of stainless steel and the internal windings are fully encapsulated with magnetic shielding, to allow them to be clamped into steel housings.

Learn More about Our Miniature LVDT Displacement Transducers

Stellar Technology’s precision LVDT sensors serve many different measuring and gauging functions, and we make sure to produce variations that offer optimum performance. These miniature LVDT sensors are ideal for applications with limited space, and clients can select which armature they need. As always, we are here to ensure a project’s success. Contact Stellar Technology today to learn more about what our miniature LVDT displacement transducers can do for you.

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