In-line signal conditioners are ideal for applications where the transducer is exposed to conditions of high humidity, high temperature, or corrosiveness and signal conditioning can be moved in-line and taken out from the transducer’s environment. They are also useful for miniature sensors which do not have room for internal electronics.

  Model# Transducer Type Transducer Bridge Resistance Outputs Available Input/Output Isolation
AP5202 AP5202 mV/V Strain Gaged Transducers 120 ohm to 5K ohm +/- 3 Vdc +/- 10 Vdc 4-20 mA No
AP5201 AP5201 mV/V Strain Gaged Transducers 120 ohm to 10K ohm +/- 0 to 5 Vdc +/- 0 to 10 Vdc 4-20 mA No
AP50XX AP50XX mV/V Strain Gaged Transducers 350 ohm to 5K ohm 0-5 Vdc 1-5 Vdc 0-10 Vdc 4-20 mA RS232 RS485 CANbus Yes (for voltage outputs and optional for digital outputs)

In-Line Signal Conditioners

In-line signal conditioners are connected from the transducer and an instrument and can be created from stainless steel, aluminum, or high impact plastic. They deliver excitation to a sensor and move the output signal from the sensor, sending it in the form of a voltage signal or analog 4-20 mA signal to a data acquisition system, display or other device. Zero and span changes are made through coarse rotary potentiometers and switches.

The Series AP5201 In-Line Amplifier is known as a general purpose, easy-to-use, low cost, single-channel conditioner created for input of force, weight, torque, pressure, and any other variables as measured by the traditional strain gauge transducers. Advanced analog electronics solve the issue of measurement inaccuracy in places with a high electromechanical noise. The AP5201 gives a filtered analog output of 4-20 mA, ±5Vdc, or ±10Vdc which is selectable by the user.

The Series AP5202 is an in-line DC that gives a transducer bridge excitation from 3V to 10V and delivers up to 4-20 mA output or 10V output with transducer signals that range from 10 mV to 10V. The in-line amplifier accepts both unipolar to bipolar input signals and can produce bipolar and unipolar voltage outputs. In addition, there is the ability to connect remotely to an internal shunt calibration resistor. The connections are formed using screw-terminals that are mounted inside the durable aluminum enclosure of the AP5202.

The Series AP50XX is a rugged and versatile signal conditioner with acceptable inputs and outputs. The unit is kept in a stainless steel housing and is safe from environmental conditions including vibration. Options include electrical terminations, voltage clipping, EMI filtering, surge protection, scaling and shunting.

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