Attempts of standardized temperature measurement date back to as early as 170 AD. Today, there are several methods available and most of them rely on measuring the physical property of a working material that varies with temperature.

  Model# Description Ranges(°F)g References Accuracy CTR
T28XX T28XX Temperature Output -320/ +750 ±1.2°F or 1%
PT17XX PT17XX Dual Press./Temp. transmitter 5- 20,000 G, A, V, C 0.25% -30/+170

Amplified Temperature Sensors

To measure temperature in an industrial setting can be particularly challenging due to extreme process temperatures, electrically noisy conditions, vibration, or generally harsh conditions. Typical temperature sensing technologies include Thermocouples, Thermistors, Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD), and Infrared.

The T28XX series temperature sensor from Stellar Technology is designed for measuring dynamic and static temperatures under pressure. The unit is entirely welded and utilizes stainless steel and heavy wall tubing to reduce the need for thermowells, thus minimizing costs and improving space efficiency. Temperature probes come in standard or customer-specified lengths. Stellar Technology utilizes rugged and reliable RTD elements coupled with state-of-the-art electronics to provide temperature measurement for a variety of usages including submersible applications, oilfield drilling and production operations, plant automation, process control, and hazardous areas.

The unique Series PT17XX transducer combines both a pressure sensor and temperature sensor in one package. The Series PT17XX is designed with proprietary electronics and incorporates reliable bonded foil strain gage technology to provide pressure measurement along with the RTD temperature output. These dual output pressure/temperature transducers provide customers with significant cost reductions as they eliminate the need for dual fixturing and cabling. All units are manufactured with shock and vibration protection and available in either amplified or digital output. In addition to a wide variety of electrical outputs, customer specific variations of process connections and electrical terminations are available.

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