Stellar Technology’s Automotive Pressure Sensors and Temperature Sensors

At Stellar Technology, we design and manufacture a wide selection of pressure transducers and pressure transmitters, load cells, force sensors, reaction torque transducers, temperature sensors, and LVDT displacement sensors. Our automotive pressure sensors and other products are used for countless applications to provide test, measurement, and control solutions across various industries. Some of the industries we serve include aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, and industrial automation to name a few.

Our engineering expertise, proven sensor technology, field experience, and manufacturing capabilities provide customers with high-reliability sensors for this broad range of applications. Our engineering and manufacturing center in Amherst, New York is uniquely designed to deliver both standard products and custom-engineered special products.

Stellar Technology strives to remain a leader in transducer technology, and it is our goal to produce high-quality solutions for each and every application, no matter the industry. Whether you are looking for automotive pressure sensors or other application-solution products, we will provide the perfect-fit product for your needs.

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If your business operates in the transportation industry, Stellar Technology has the automotive transducers to fit your daily application needs.

Our products are carefully crafted to be of the highest quality and maximum value to our customers. For more information about the various application-solution products we offer, contact our team today.

Transportation and Automotive Transducer Applications

At Stellar Technology, our automotive pressure sensors are used frequently in a number of diverse applications in the transportation industry. The sensors can be used for the following:

Engine Testing

  • Engine Dynamometers
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Diesel Injectors
  • Fuel Rail
  • Intake Air Flow
  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Cooling System Testing

Vehicle Testing

  • Chassis Testing
  • Proving Ground Testing
  • Under-the-Hood Testing
  • Brake Systems
  • Climate/Environmental Testing

Power Train Testing

  • Engine Dynamometers
  • Transmission Dynamometers
  • Axle and Half-Axle Testing
  • Engine R & D
  • Brake Testing
  • Regulatory Testing and Certification

Components Testing

  • Materials R & D
  • Component Life-Cycle Testing
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Fuel Pumps and Oil Pumps
  • Braking Systems
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Turbocharger Performance Tests
  • Towing Components

Production Process Control

  • Factory Automation
  • In-Line Signature Analysis
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Metering and Dispensing
  • Valve Guide and Seat Insertion
  • Fluid Fill Systems
  • Robotic Assembly
  • End-Of-Line Test Stations
  • Stamping Presses
  • Leak Testing
  • Quality R & R
  • Incoming Inspection

If you are interested in learning which of our automotive test sensors is the best fit for your application needs, reach out to a team member today for assistance.

Automotive Pressure Sensors

Our automotive pressure sensors are equipped with many beneficial features for application use. Some of the specifications are listed below:

  • Pressure Ranges from 1 to 100,000
  • Absolute, Gage, True Gage, Differential, Vacuum, Barometric
  • Accuracies to 0.05% FSO.
  • High-Frequency Response
  • All-Welded Stainless Steel
    (17-4, 15-5, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy)
  • mV/V, Analog or Digital Outputs
    (including RS232, RS485, CANbus)
  • Internal Data Logger Versions
  • ATEX, CSA Intrinsically Safe
  • Explosion Proof Certifications
  • Comprehensive Calibration Records are Standard
  • Engineered-to-Order Custom Designs

For more information about our product specifications, check out our product pages today.

LVDT Displacement Sensors for the Automotive Industry

  • Stroke Ranges from ± 0.01 in. to ± 18.5 in.
  • Linearities from 1% to 0.1%
  • Spring Guided, Captive Guided, Free Unguided Armatures
  • AC and DC Versions
  • All-Welded Stainless Steel
  • Precision Gaging Units with Air Push Armatures
  • Submersible Designs
  • Subsea Versions Submersible to 7500 ft. of Seawater

Load Cells, Force Sensors, Reaction Torque Sensors

Stellar Technology manufactures load cells, force sensors, and reaction torque sensors used throughout the transportation and automotive industry. The specifications for this line of products include:

  • Load Ranges from Grams to 2 Million lbf
  • Tension, Compression, Tension & Compression
  • Complete Selection of Standard and Special Configurations
  • Constructed of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, or Aluminum
  • Miniature and Subminiature Versions
  • mV/V, Analog or Digital Outputs (including RS232, RS485, CANbus)
  • Multiple Bridge Configurations
  • Internal Data Logger Versions
  • ATEX, CSA Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof Certifications
  • Comprehensive Calibration Records are Standard
  • Engineered-to-Order Custom Designs

If you have any additional questions regarding about the load cell products we offer, send us a message today.

Automotive Temperature Transducers and Transmitters for Transportation

Stellar Technology produces a range of automotive temperature transducers and transmitters. Product specifications include:

  • Temperature Ranges from – 320ºF to + 750ºF
  • No Thermo Well Required
  • Customer Specified Probe Lengths
  • All-Welded Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Dual Temperature and Pressure Configurations
  • Analog and Digital Outputs (Including RS232, RS485, CANbus)
  • Customer Specified Process Connections
  • ATEX, CSA Intrinsically Safe Certifications

Contact us today to find out how our automotive temperature sensors and pressure sensors can meet your application needs.