About STI… Who We Are

Main Offices and Manufacturing Facility, Amherst, NY
(left) Main Offices and Manufacturing Facility, Amherst, NY • (right) Sales & Marketing Center, Columbus, OH

Stellar Technology is a sensor company specializing in the design, manufacture, and service of pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, load cells, force sensors, torque transducers, and temperature transducers. Our engineering and manufacturing facility located in Amherst, New York, is a modern 50,000 square foot environmentally controlled building situated in a suburban technology park. Our sales and marketing center in Columbus, Ohio, coordinates sales activity with our regional sales offices in Houston, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah, Cleveland, Ohio, Amherst, New York, and our domestic and international sales representatives’ offices. Started in 1991, with a focus on the aerospace market, we have expanded our business into numerous market sectors including oil and gas, transportation, general test and measurement, subsea, defense, alternative energy, pharmaceutical, process, and many more.

We have forged the company around the philosophy of controlling the entire design and manufacturing process; from sensor engineering, electronics development, component machining, to final assembly and testing. Our engineers use the latest tools for design, analysis and documentation. Our machining capabilities include 5 axis milling and 8 axis turning. Our electronics development capabilities include circuit design and analysis, PCB development and layout, and firmware/software development. In manufacturing, we are certified to the highest level of space grade soldering, qualified in TIG and laser welding, certified in configuration control practices, cleanliness practices, and traceability control. Our total quality system is registered as an ISO9001 quality system with supplemental quality requirements added for specific customers’ needs. Our service department is designed to repair and calibrate both STI products and like products from other companies. We believe we are the only sensor manufacturer in the United States with a dedicated field service technician responsible for same day on-site customer assistance.

STI’s high-mix/lower volume business model is tailored to provide both a broad offering of standard products and uniquely engineered custom solutions. Today, we are one of the few sensor manufacturers that will design a custom sensor configuration that matches a specific customer need. Our company slogan, Your “Application-Solution™” Source, illustrates our distinct niche in providing tailored solutions for specialized applications.

STI continues to reinvest in the growth and vitality of our business; providing secure and challenging careers for our employees, long-term relationships with our suppliers, synergistic partnerships with our manufacturers reps, and valuable sensor products and services for our customers.