WECO® 2202, 2 inch Explosion Proof, Pressure Transducer

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Stellar Technology’s EP WECO® 2202 hammer union pressure transducers are explosion-proof configurations designed for upstream oil and gas applications.

Each 2-inch transducer meets the regulatory requirements of the BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) and BSEE (Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement) now being enforced in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Stellar Technology’s explosion proof 2202 hammer union pressure transducers are certified by both CSA and ATEX as Class I, Div. I hazardous area components.

WECO® 2202 Hammer Union Pressure Transducer Product Information

The Series GT25XX explosion proof sensors are CSA certified.  Our Series GT23XX explosion proof pressure transducers are ATEX certified.

Both are available with a wide variety of signal outputs ranging from:

  • 4-20 mA current outputs
  • 0-5 Vdc, 1-5 Vdc, and 0-10 Vdc voltage outputs
  • Digital outputs such as RS232, RS485, CANbus, and Modbus

Electrical termination consists of ½ in. NPT male or ½ in. NPT female conduit connections with 18 inches of insulated leads. Each of our 2-inch explosive proof hammer union transducers is constructed of all welded stainless steel, and all wetted parts are one-piece.

Every WECO® 2202 explosion proof hammer union transducer is manufactured to rigorous shock and vibration requirements. If needed, Stellar Technology can assist you with selecting various connection options.

For intrinsically safe versions of Stellar Technology’s WECO® 1502 and WECO® 2202 hammer union pressure transmitters, please see our data sheets for IS hammer union pressure transmitters.


Explosion Proof WECO® 2202 Hammer Union Transducer Standard Features

  • Explosion proof (Class I, Div. 1)
  • CSA and ATEX certified
  • Field tested and proven
  • +/- 0.2% accuracy
  • Analog or digital outputs
  • All-welded construction
  • ó NPT male or female conduit connection
  • Complies with NACE standard MR0175/ISO15156 (2003)
  • Vibration and shock protection
  • RFI/EMI protection

2-inch WECO® 2202 Hammer Union Optional Features

  • Explosion proof terminal box
  • Pressure range specific marking
  • Dual (CSA and ATEX) certifications
  • Carrying handle