Subsea Wellbore Pressure/Temperature Sensor-Series PT36XX

The Series PT36XX subsea wellbore pressure and temperature transducer provides long-term reliable performance in harsh subsea oil and gas exploration environments. This subsea P/T transducer is designed for working pressure to 15,000 psi and seawater depths to 17,000 ft. It has a total error band of ±1% of full scale output.

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Series PT36XX Subsea Wellbore Pressure and Temperature Sensors

Both temperature and pressure sensors are located at the flushend of the wellbore probe. This design feature improves dynamic response and also alleviates clogging. The PT36XX is constructed with no external load-bearing welds thus increasing both service life and field serviceability. This wellbore sensor features true secondary containment rated to 20,000 psi. The standard unit incorporates a 3 1/16 inch API flange although customers can specify flange size.

Probe lengths are available in lengths of 3” to 24”. Both probe lengths and electrical terminations are customer specified. A selection of electrical outputs is available; 4-20 mA , 0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc as well as digital outputs including RS232, RS485, and CANbus. The PT36XX is field proven with years of reliable use. Each transducer is shipped with a multi-point calibration record traceable to NIST as standard. Material traceability is also available.

  • Pressure and Temperature Measurements
  • Secondary Containment Rated to 20,000 psi
  • 3 1/16” API Flange Interface
  • Working Pressures to 15,000 psi
  • Designed For Depths to 17,000 ft. of Seawater
  • Inconel
  • 4-20 mA Output
  • High Frequency Response
  • Field Serviceable Design
  • Customer Specified Probe Lengths
  • Customer Specified Electrical Terminations
  • Customer specified API Flange Sizes
  • Digital outputs (RS232, RS485, CANbus, MODbus)
  • Pressure and Temperature
  • Pressure Only
  • Temperature Only
  • Dual Redundant Pressure
  • Depth Compensated