High-Capacity, Fatigue-Rated Pressure Sensors for High-Pressure Applications

The Series GT320 and GT32XX pressure transducers and pressure transmitters are specifically designed to address extremely high pressure
applications up to 100,000 psig/a. The robust construction also makes them ideal for fatigue rated applications for pressures ranging from 20,000 psi to 50,000 psi.

Ranges (PSI)
Pressure References
Accuracy %FSO*
CTR (°F)
High capacity pressure transducer
20,000- 100,000
G, A
0.25% (20000-75000 psi) 0.35% (>75000-100000 psi)
2 mV/V (20000-75000 psi) 1 mV/V (>75000-100000 psi)
GT32XX High capacity pressure transmitter
20,000- 100,000
G, A
0-5 Vdc; 0-10 Vdc; 4-20 mA
CANbus, RS-232, RS-485

High Capacity, Fatigue Rated Pressure Transducers

The GT320 and GT32XX Series fatigue rated and high capacity pressure transducers…

  • Are constructed of all-welded stainless steel
  • Are manufactured to be shock and vibration-resistant
  • Cover an operating temperature from -65° to 250°F (-65° to 158°F for digital output)
  • Come with a compensated range from -30° to 170°F

An extensive selection of available pressure ports and electrical terminations allows these units to be configured to address the needs of a variety of applications.

The Model GT320 pressure transducer provides a 3mV/V output while the Model GT32XX pressure transmitters provide a variety of electrical outputs, including 4-20 mA current, standard voltage outputs, as well as digital outputs including RS232, RS485 and CANbus.The GT32XX pressure sensors include a zero adjustment pot and isolated voltage output as a standard feature. A span adjustment pot is available as an option.

Each of the GT32 Series is shipped with a comprehensive calibration record with a minimum of 15 calibration references for linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and temperature traceable to NIST as standard.

Our engineers continue to innovate in custom designing the solution to each application. Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art and our customer support includes an on-site representative available for service and consulting.

Stellar Technology provides high capacity, fatigue rated pressure transducers in
these models:

  • High Pressure, Fatigue Rated Pressure Transducers-Series GT320
  • High Pressure, Fatigue Rated Pressure Transducers-Series GT32XX

Let Stellar Technology design your high capacity, fatigue rated pressure transducer. Contact us to submit your RFQ.