Stellar Technology’s differential pressure transducers and transmitters are cost-effective sensors used to measure flow, liquid level, and liquid
density in numerous test and measurement environments.

Ranges (PSI)
Pressure References
Accuracy %FSO*
CTR (°F)
High line pressure transducer
3 mV/V
High line pressure transmitter
0-5 Vdc; 0-10 Vdc; 4-20 mA
CANbus, RS-232, RS-485
Smaller size pressure transducer
50- 40,000
1.5 mV/V
Smaller size pressure transmitter
50- 40,000
0.25% / 0.10%
0-5 Vdc; 0-10 Vdc; 4-20 mA
CANbus, RS-232, RS-485

Differential Pressure Transducers and Transmitters for Every Industrial Market

Stellar Technology continues to be an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of differential pressure sensors because we provide a broad range of standard pressure sensor configurations, stocked units for quick delivery, and custom-engineered products uniquely designed to fit a customer’s application.

Best of all, our line of differential pressure transducers and transmitters can be calibrated for both unidirectional or bidirectional applications.

We have designed an array of standard differential pressure transducers and transmitters, including:

The Series DT140 and DT14XX

These are reliable, rugged, wet-wet differential pressure sensors that are ideal for measuring static differential pressures.

Other features include:

  • Single pressure sensing element and two opposing diaphragms
  • High line pressure capabilities
  • Ideal for measuring static differential pressures
  • Design features such as removable pressure ports for inspection and cleaning, long-term stability, low sensitivity to shock and vibration, built-in over pressure protection and more.

The Series DT190 and DT19XX

These are compact, reliable and rugged wet-wet differential pressure sensors designed with internal signal conditioning.

Other features include:

  • Two separate sensing elements, with each sensor having its own unique diaphragm
  • Smaller-sized transmitters
  • High differential pressure capabilities
  • Constructed of all-welded stainless steel, making them more robust than fluid-filled differential pressure transmitters with bolted construction
  • Ideal for applications exhibiting higher levels of shock and vibration

At Stellar Technology, we also specialize in custom designing differential pressure transducers to fit specific applications for our customers.Our engineering team communicates directly with your engineers during the design process to ensure that you receive the differential transducer that best fits your application.
Learn More About Stellar Technology’s Capabilities

Stellar Technology continues to be an industry leader by designing accurate, durable, high reliability sensors.

We offer solutions at all stages, such as:

  • Innovative design and engineering
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Expert technical support and on-site technical assistance

To learn more about our differential pressure transducers, or to request a quote, contact Stellar Technology today.