Premium Canister Load Cells Designed for High-Accuracy Applications

Canister load cells, also known as column load cells, are uniquely designed for high capacity and high accuracy test and measurement applications which require long fatigue life.

Ranges (lbf)
Tension and/or Compression
Accuracy (BFSL)
Material Of Construction
Analog Output
Digital Output
2K - 2000K
0.25% FSO
Stainless Steel
2 mV/V
10 Vdc or Vac
25K - 2000K
0.05% FSO
Nickel Plated Carbon Steel
2 mV/V

What Type of Canister Load Cell Do You Need?

The Stellar Technology Model CNR960 provides a 3mV/V output and the Model CNR96XX offers analog 4-20mA or high level voltage or digital output including CANbus, RS232 or RS485 output.Both models are available in tension or compression operation and the design provides high resistance to bending and off-axis loading.They are manufactured to be shock and vibration-resistant and have a fatigue life greater than 100 million fully reversed full-scale cycles.

Standard electrical termination is via an MS-3102-14S-6P stainless steel connector with other electrical terminations, including integral cable (optionally available).

The CNR950 is a compact canister load cell for compression force applications. These load cells incorporate an integral spherical load button.

The uniquely engineered CNR960 and CNR96XX load cells have a minimum deflection resulting in fast frequency response.
All CNR Series canister load cells are constructed of electroless nickel-plated carbon steel, fully welded and hermetically sealed for reliable operation in hostile environments.

With ranges from 25,000 lbs. up to 2 million lbs. and an accuracy of 0.05% FSO, these canister style load cells are the load cells of choice for a wide variety of critical weighing and test and measurement applications.

These units are shipped with a 10-point calibration record (5 points each, tension and compression) traceable to NIST as standard.

Stellar Technology’s expert engineering combines with unparalleled technical support as well as on-site representatives to provide the best technical support and training in the industry.

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