Space Rated Pressure Transducer-Series ST1300

The Series ST1300 pressure transducers are designed to meet the environmental demands of orbital space flight. These space rated pressure sensors combine rugged all welded stainless steel construction and radiation hardened electronic components to ensure reliable performance over the life of the mission.

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Our Series ST1300 Space-Rated Pressure Transducer

Each ST1300 pressure transducer incorporates electronic components that have been qualified by DSCC to be “Rad Hard” and compliant to the Grade 1 requirements of EEE-INST-002, thus improving reliability for these transducers when exposed to radiation in high earth orbit.

Additional design features include a wide compensated temperature range, long term stability, low sensitivity to shock and vibration, and infinite resolution. Standard pressures range from 5 psi to 10,000 psi.

Series ST1300 units with pressure ranges equal to or less than 2500 psi, have built in over pressure protection. These pressure transducers are available in absolute, gage, and sealed pressure references. Each unit is shipped with a 19 point calibration record traceable to NIST as standard.

  • Designed for orbital environments
  • Electronics manufactured to NASA 8739.3
  • Radiation grade electronics
  • 5 Vdc Full Scale Output
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Pressure ranges to 10,000 psi
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant
  • 19 Point Calibration Record Traceable to NIST
  • Grade 1 Electronics per EEE-INST-002
  • Expanded Temperature Compensation Range
  • Customer Specified Process Connections
  • Customer Specified Electrical Termination
  • Special Pressure Ranges Up To 40,000 psi
  • Special Calibrations