Short Stroke LVDT with Unguided Armature – Series LSU61X

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The series LSU61X is a short stroke, precision LVDT with an unguided armature. This type of LVDT is commonly used in instances where external guidance is available and is extremely adaptable for use in extreme environments.

About the LSU61X Displacement Transducer

Our LSU61X LVDT with an unguided armature has internal electronics that also include a filter circuit. The armature is loose fit in the bore of the LVDT and is attached to the moving part by a threaded end.

Precise alignment along the bore produces a frictionless movement, which helps to prevent wear on the sensing element. This design also allows the armature to be separated from the body without disconnecting either part.

This type of LVDT is most suited for applications where dynamic measurements are to be made. The body and probe are constructed from stainless steel. The compact size of the LSU61X series makes it ideal for applications requiring limited space.

These LVDTs with unguided armatures operate from unregulated power supplies of +24Vdc to +40Vdc or dual ±12Vdc to ±20Vdc and utilize an internal amplifier to generate a ±5Vdc output signal. The series LSU61X takes a DC supply and provides a DC output.

Each series LSU61X LVDT with unguided armature is shipped with a traceable calibration certificate.

A Reliable LVDT with Unguided Armature

  • Stroke ranges from ±0.10 inches to ±0.40 inches
  • Internal Signal Conditioning
  • DC/DC
  • Compact Size
  • Free Unguided Armature
  • Low Friction Bearing Assembly
  • ±0.5% Linearity
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Traceable Calibration Certificate

Additional, Optional Features of the LSU61X

  • Improved Linearity
  • Mounting Blocks