Reliable Temperature Transmitters for All Industries

TemperaturePrecision temperature sensors from Stellar Technology are in demand worldwide for a variety of industrial test, measurement and process control applications.

Stellar Technology’s complete offering of fully welded, stainless steel temperature transducers are rugged enough for any condition, including:

  • Temperature ranges from -320° to +750° F
  • Analog or digital outputs, which include RS232, RS485 and CANbus
  • Pressure ratings to 10,000 PSI
  • Probe lengths up to 12 inches
  • RTD or thermocouple

Our standard temperature transducers include:

PT170 – non-amplified pressure temperature dual output sensor
T280 – non-amplified temperature sensor
T28XX – amplified temperature sensor
PT17XX – amplified pressure temperature dual output sensor

All Stellar Technology temperature transmitters can be modified to fit a specific application.

Creating Custom Temperature Sensors

We also specialize in custom designing temperature sensors, providing one-of-a-kind and application-specific products when necessary.

We can provide:

  • Submersible units
  • Custom probe lengths
  • Products meeting ATEX, CSA and intrinsically safe standards
  • Combination pressure-temperature sensors

Our engineering team communicates directly with your engineers to confirm the product’s specs. Our willingness to create application-specific temperature transmitters for numerous industries sets us apart from anyone else in the industry. Stellar Technology also provides expert technical support, on-site technical assistance and responsive service after the sale to keep your temperature project on schedule.

Learn More About Our Line of Temperature Transducers

Stellar Technology designs and manufactures high-reliability, high-durability temperature sensors for the most demanding industrial applications. It’s easy to submit your RFQ – contact us today!