Pump Off Control Polished Rod Load Cell-Series CTH932

The Series CTH932 load cells are designed specifically for the polished rod of an oilfield pump off control system. Each of these load cells is designed to meet the rigorous performance standards required in the harsh environment of an oilfield production site.

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Pump Off Control Polished Rod Load Cells from Stellar Technology

These 0.25% accuracy load cells are constructed of all welded stainless steel, are hermetically sealed, and have a robust cable strain relief. These application specific load cells have transient voltage protection for lightning and/or power line surges. Each load cell is shock and vibration rated during the manufacturing process.

Electrical output is 2 mV/V and as mV/V units, these passive devices are inherently intrinsically safe. Standard full scale capacities range from 20,000 lbf. to 80,000 lbf. Customer specific configurations can also be designed.

  • Full scale capacities to 50,000 lbf.
  • 0.50% BFSL accuracy
  • All welded stainless steel
  • 2 mV/V output
  • Shock and vibration rated
  • Operating Temperature of -40°F to 180°F
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Record
  • Fatique life of 50,000,000 cycles
  • 200% overload without damage
  • Special multipoint calibrations
  • Customer specific configurations
  • Installation kits (bearing plate and spherical washers)
  • High level outputs (analog & digital)