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Stellar Technology is ready when you need us. We keep popular ranges of pressure transducers, load cells, and force sensors on hand and ready for same-day or next-day shipping. By stocking common sizes, accuracies and ranges, Stellar Technology is able to meet a variety of application needs immediately.

Click the tabs below to view a detailed listing of our standard stocked pressure and load products.

We offer a wide range of pressure sensors that we keep in stock for quick delivery all across the United States. Our sensor unit types are listed below. Click on the button beneath them to find out product specifics for ordering.

  • GT16XX Series
  • GT18XX Series
  • GT180 Series
  • FT260 Series
  • GT3200 Series
  • GT2450/GT2250 Series Hammer Union
  • ST350 Series
  • PT1700 Series

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Our wide selection of load/force sensors can all be delivered quickly to your business for immediate projects. Please consult our series info below, and click on the button beneath to see our product spreadsheet containing specific details about each of these sensors.

  • Series MIN800 Miniature Tension/Compression Load Cell
  • Series MIN811 High Accuracy Miniature Tension/Compression Load Cell
  • Series MIN830 Miniature Compression Load Cell
  • Series RDE900 Tension Rod End Load Cell
  • Series PNC710 Tension/Compression Pancake Load Cell
  • Series PNC720 General Purpose Compression Pancake Load Cell
  • Series VLU850 Subminiature Tension/Compression Load Cell
  • Series VLC856 Subminiature Compression Load Cell
  • GT2450/2250 Intrinsically Safe Load Cells

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We offer two model types of temperature transducers and transmitters with variations that can be quickly supplied to your business. Click on the button beneath our series types to find our product specifics such as temperature range, output type, and more.

  • T2850 Series
  • PT1700 Series

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Please fill out the form below if you have any questions about our in-stock pressure sensors, load/force sensors, or temperature sensors. Our team will be in contact shortly.

Advantages of Ordering Our In-Stock Sensors

While we offer a wide range of products, varying from temperature sensors to LVDTs, we encourage customers to purchase from our selection of ready-to-deliver in-stock sensors for the following reasons:
  • Quick delivery – If your project is time sensitive, or is needed in order to keep your business running efficiently, this is the best way to get the product you need in a short amount of time.
  • Dependable ordering process– When you place an order for our in-stock sensors, you are able to talk with our engineering team to gain insights and to ensure that the product you are buying will work perfectly for your application.
  • Easy solution – If you need a custom solution made for your operations, our in-stock sensors can work as a placeholder in many instances while our engineers work with you to custom design a solution that will meet your company’s needs.

Why You Should Choose LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology for Your Sensor Needs

We strive to make the best products for our customers that can fulfill their operations’ essential needs. LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology has a large range of abilities, including engineering, manufacturing, service and support, and sales capabilities. All of our services are structured around the main goal of providing our customers with the best sensor solutions for their specific business and industry.

Additionally, our sensors and operations have been certified and recognized by many organizations helping us to showcase our quality to customers and foster the sense of trust that they are receiving premium products they can rely on.

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