Product Manuals, Application Notes, and Installation Information

Product Manuals

Series PRO8100 Strain Gage Hand Held Battery Powered Display User Manual
IT2000 User Manual
CANOpen Transducer Digital Communications User Manual
Modbus Transducer Digital Communications User Manual
RS-232 Transducer Digital Communications
RS-485 Transducer Digital Communications
DISPLAY Local Display Unit Instructions
APD4059 DIN-RAIL Amplifier for Load Cells or Pressure Transducers
AP5101 DIN-RAIL Amplifier for Strain Gage Transducers
AP5102 DIN-RAIL Conditioner for LVDTs
AP5103 DIN-RAIL DC Strain Gage Conditioner
AP5104 DIN-RAIL AC LVDT Conditioner
AP5201 IN-LINE DC Strain Gage Conditioner
AP5202 IN-LINE DC Strain Gage Amplifier

Application Notes

AN-001 Diaphragm Replacement for GT100 and GT200
AN-002 Digital Zero Feature
AN-006 Assembly of Submersible External Splice Option
AN-007 Employing Auto Zero Function

Installation Information

AN-008 Wiring Installation GT2350
AN-009 Adaptor Installation for ST510 and ST1510
INSTALL-001 Installation of Intrinsically Safe and Nonincendive Systems
VLC856-INSTALL Installation of Model VLC856
VLU850-INSTALL Installation of Model VLU850
VCR FITTING Installation Instructions