Pressure Sensors for Robotics

pressure sensor for robotics

Pressure Sensors are a Critical Component in Robotic Paint Sprayers

Pressure sensors for robotics have a diverse range of applications, and one worth noting is their use in robotic paint sprayers. Let’s examine how robotic pressure sensors apply to these products.

Robotic Paint Sprayers

Today’s robotic paint sprayers are able to apply paint quickly with minimal overspray and maximum transfer efficiency. High-tech paint spraying techniques require the control of several variables to produce the high-energy air stream which atomizes the paint and provides a finish free of streaks, runs, and drips on everything from refrigerators to fenders.

Realizing that consistent and correct air pressure is critical to producing the best results, a manufacturer of robotic paint sprayers challenged LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology engineers with determining how to monitor and control the pressure of the robot’s paint line.

To meet this specific need, our engineers developed a custom sensor solution:

  • We crafted a miniature series FT1150 pressure transducer for robotics with 0.5” flush diaphragm which prevents line clogging, facilitates cleaning, and meets special space constraints.
  • Additionally, we designed a unique right angle electrical receptacle to shorten the case length and we incorporated a zero pot in the electrical housing for easy access after installation.

This final pressure sensor for robotics unit provided a static accuracy of ±0.50% (BFSL) over the 1,000 psi range with a low ±0.030% thermal error. The FT1150 sensor had an output of 4-20 mA, was shock and vibration resistant, had a 2x proof pressure, and was intrinsically safe rated.

This robotics pressure sensor is another fine example of the standard products being customized by LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology engineers to meet unique application requirements.

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