Pressure and Temperature Transducers-Series PT170

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The Series PT170 is a small, accurate, combination pressure temperature transducer for measuring dynamic and static pressure temperatures. Available in absolute, sealed gauge, or true gauge zero pressure reference and either an RTD or thermocouple for temperature measurement, the unit is entirely welded of stainless steel

Series PT170 Pressure Transducer Product Features

The PT170 combines two ideas into one by featuring both a pressure and temperature sensor within one complete package. Designed with proprietary electronics, it provides a high-level of outputs. Features of design for the PT170 pressure sensor includes:

  • Long term stability
  • Low sensitivity to shock and vibration
  • Wide compensated temperature range
  • Excellent response to transient pressures
  • Infinite resolution


Series PT170 Temperature Sensor Standard Features

The PT170 temperature sensor features the following:

  • Ranges to 20000 PSI
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Probes from 1” to 4”
  • Requiring no thermowell
  • Operable with fluids or gases
  • NIST traceable


Series PT170 Pressure Sensor Optional Features

Optional features for the Series PT170 transducer:

  • Probe length greater than 4”
  • Alternative pressure ports
  • Remote electronics for higher temperature applications
  • Alternative electrical terminations
  • Alternative materials of construction
  • Temperature probe from -320°F to +750°F