Miniature Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducers-Series FT11XX

The FT11XX is an extremely small, accurate and reliable flush diaphragm pressure transducer. Rugged, long-lived, robust bonded foil strain gage technology is employed to provide static and dynamic pressure measurement.

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Series FT11XX Miniature Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducers

Additionally, the unit provides a low sensitivity to shock and vibration, infinite resolution, and excellent transient response times through a wide temperature range. The standard unit provides either 1-5 Vdc or 4-20 mA output. As with all of Stellar Technology’s products, this unit offers many mechanical adaptations which compliment Stellar Technology’s “Application-Solutions” to meet the demands of today’s marketplace.

The brief specifications listed on the back are but a few of the more important parameters of interest. Make sure to contact the sales office closest to you for further definition.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Flush diaphragm
  • 0-100 through 0-5000 PSI ranges
  • 1-5 Vdc, 4-20 mA
  • Compact size
  • Teflon® coating
  • Alternative electrical terminations
  • 1-6 Vdc output
  • 316L ss sensor