LVDT DIN-rail Amplifier-Series AP5104

The Series AP5104 DIN-rail Amplifier is a high reliability conditioner for measurement of displacement with an LVDT (linear variable differential transformer). It can be used with 4, 5 ,and 6-wire LVDT’s. The AP5104 provides regulated AC excitation with remote sensing for applications which may require cable lengths greater than 20 feet.

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High-Reliability LVDT DIN-Rail Amplifier from Stellar Technology

The analog output of the AP5104 DIN mount signal conditioner can be switched using the front panel controls for ±5 Vdc , ±10 Vdc, or 4-20mA. These analog outputs are filtered using a low-pass active filter that removes unwanted high-frequency measurement-signal components and thus eliminates aliasing errors.

The Series AP5104 is designed for a very wide range of signals for 16 to 1600 mV/V full scale. The AP5104 has a phase shift adjustment feature used to synchronize primary and secondary phase shift due to LVDT winding inductance and cabling. LVDT setup and calibration is simplified because configuration and all adjustments are performed through the front panel controls.

There is no need for the user to open the DIN enclosure for jumper or switch settings changes. The DIN mount housing is designed with non-removable screw terminals.

  • Regulated, Remotely Sensed AC Excitation
  • DIN Mount Construction
  • Filtered Analog Outputs of ±5 Vdc, ±10 Vdc, 4-20 mA, 4-12-20 mA
  • Switch Selectable Outputs Using Front Panel Controls
  • Auto Phase and Manual Phase Selection
  • ± 100% Zero Offset Adjustment
  • Noise Free Outputs
  • 16 to 1600 mV/V Signals
  • Phase Shift Adjustment
  • Over-Range and Power Indicators