Long Stroke LVDT Displacement Transducer with Isolated Output – Series LLS62X

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Our series LLS62X is a high-performance, long stroke LVDT displacement transducer that features a spring return armature for accessing places with spatial restrictions. This displacement transducer is DC powered and has isolated output.

A Reliable, Long-lasting LVDT Transducer with Isolated Output

The LLS62X is identical to the LLS61X but operates from either +5Vdc regulated or +6 to 18Vdc unregulated supply and generates an output signal of ± 2Vdc that is isolated from the input voltage.

This means you get the same accessible design and long-lasting quality, but with isolated output. The LLS62X LVDT with isolated output also features a spring return armature, which is restrained and guided by a very low friction bearing assembly. This design element gives the LLS62X an advantage over other types of displacement transducers because it prevents wear in the sensing element.

An internal spring automatically positions the armature to its full extension giving you unique access in applications where it is not possible to connect the transducer armature to the moving part being measured.

Constructed of all stainless steel, these LVDTs with isolated output are designed to withstand various environmental elements ranging from high temperatures to increased pressure or subsea conditions.

If you would like to learn more about our LVDT transducers, please contact us. We do include a traceable calibration certificate with each LLS62X displacement transducer.

Standard Features of the LLS62X

  • Stroke ranges from ±0.5 inches to ±3.0 inches
  • Spring Return Armature
  • Low Friction Bearing Assembly
  • DC/DC with Isolated Voltage Output 2.2Vdc
  • ±0.5% Linearity
  • Encapsulated Integral Electronics
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Traceable Calibration Certificate

Additional Features of Our LVDT with Isolated Output

  • Improved Linearity (for some ranges)
  • Sealing Against Moisture Ingress
  • Probe Ends
  • Mounting Blocks