Long Stroke LVDT with Captive Guide Armature – Series LLC65X

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Our series LLC65X is a high-performance, DC powered long stroke LVDT displacement transducer with a captive guide armature. The series LLC65X is a stainless steel LVDT with 4-20 mA output, for long lasting and reliable measurement.

Learn More About Our Series LLC65X Long Stroke LVDT with Captive Guide Armature

Our series LLC65X units have built-in LVDT electronics, which allows for a DC supply of 12 to 36 Vdc and a 4-20 mA current output. The armature is captured in the LVDT housing and is guided by a low-friction bearing assembly. This low-friction bearing assembly means that our series LLC65X LVDT with captive guide armature will provide you with long-lasting reliability, which is incredibly important in industries such as aerospace and automotive, as well as in industrial applications.

These LVDT with 4-20 mA output units have a total stroke range of 1 to 37 inches. The series LLC65X displacement transducers can be used for both static and dynamic applications, giving them increased adaptability to fit your needs.

Our LVDTs with captive guide armature are fully welded and constructed of stainless steel, making them ideal for a variety of environmental conditions. They can be used in high temperatures, submerged in sea water and at pressures up to 30,000psi. All series LLC65X displacement transducers are shipped with traceable calibration certificates.

Features of Our Series LLC65X LVDT with 4-20 mA Output

  • Stroke ranges from ±0.5 inches to ±18.5 inches
  • 4-20 mA Current Output
  • Captive Armature
  • Low Friction Bearing Assembly
  • DC/DC
  • ±0.5% Linearity
  • Encapsulated Integral Electronics
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Traceable Calibration Certificate

Optional Features of Our LVDT with Captive Guide Armature

  • Improved Linearity
  • Self Aligning Rod-End Bearings
  • Sealing Against Moisture Ingress
  • Mounting Blocks