Industrial Sensors - Markets

Industrial Sensors - Markets

LORD Sensing – Stellar Technology industrial sensors are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility. Our sizable selection of stocked pressure transmitters and stocked load cells as well as modified standard and customized pressure transducers, load cells, temperature sensors and torque transducers give you countless variations to meet whatever application challenges you encounter.

We have the engineering resources and manufacturing flexibility to customize any transducer to accommodate the ever-changing test and measurement challenges faced by today’s demanding industrial environment.

Experience that delivers precise solutions for a wide range of markets


We design and manufacture off-the-shelf products and custom engineered solutions available for use in many applications to meet the ever evolving needs of the aerospace industry.
We offer a complete selection of sensors vital to the development and implementation of alternative energy technologies including pressure transducers, load cells, force sensors and more.
Our selection of sensors can provide design engineers and technical specialists many solutions for land-based, airborne, marine or space applications for today's modern defense systems.
Our industrial automation and control sensors are designed to be highly accurate and reliable, allowing customers to continually improve quality, productivity and safety to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
We offer a variety of sensors designed to provide engineers in the medical instrumentation and pharmaceutical industries a variety of options when selecting test and measurement, condition monitoring and procution control sensors for their applications.
We design and manufacture a comprehensive offering process control, condition monitoring and test and measurement sensors for upstream oil and gas application solutions that provide maximum value vital for productivity, reliability and safety.
Our comprehensive selection of sensors provide power generation companies the data needed to operate at optimal levels and deliver reliable energy to customers.
Our proven sensor technology, coupled with highly reliable analog and digital electronics, add value across many applications for our customers in the process industry.
We design and manufacture standard and customized subsea sensor solutions that can help reduce the complexity of operations for a more efficient and cost-effective way to access subsea oil and gas.
Our selection of test, measurement and control solutions cover a broad range of market sectors, providing customers standard and custom-engineered products for a myriad of applications.
Our selection of high-reliability sensors for automotive and transportation provide solutions for customers that cover a broad range of applications, including automobile, truck, off-road, locomotive, waterborne vessels and more.
Custom Solutions

Our highly experienced team of sales and product engineers work with you to find or develop designs to meet your application requirements.  With our history and large inventory of sensing product and technolgy solutions, we are confident we can provide the right solution for your application.