High-Capacity, High-Accuracy Tension and Compression Canister Load Cell – Series CNR960

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The series CNR960 tension and compression canister load cells are designed specifically for high-capacity and high-accuracy test and measurement applications requiring long fatigue life combined with high resistance to the effects of extraneous bending and off-axis loading.

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Series CNR960 Canister Load Cell Product Information

The uniquely engineered series CNR960 load cells have a minimum deflection resulting in fast frequency response. Constructed of electroless nickel-plated carbon steel, all series CNR960 load cells are manufactured to be shock and vibration resistant.

Each tension and compression canister load cell is shipped with a 10-point calibration (5-points in both tension and compression) record traceable to NIST as standard. (See data sheet for series CNR960XX for high level output version)

Series CNR960 Load Cell Standard Features

  • Tension and Compression
  • Load Ranges to 2 Million Pounds
  • High Static Accuracy
  • High Fatigue Life
  • High Immunity to Off-Axis Loading
  • Center Thread Mount or Circular Bolt Mount

Series CNR960 Load Cell Optional Features

The optional features for the series CNR960 canister load cells include:

  • Dual Bridge Configurations
  • Customer Specified Electrical Termination
  • Special Calibrations
  • Metric Threads
  • Expanded Temperature Compensation Ranges

For full product specs of the series CNR960 load cell, consult the accompanying data sheet.

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